Journal Articles

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Conference Proceedings

  1. Cuttler, MVW, Lowe, RJ, Hansen, JE, Falter, JL, Pomeroy, AWM (2015) Grainsize, composition, and bedform patterns in a fringing reef system. Proceedings of 15th Coastal Sediments, San Diego, CA, USA.
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  3. Cuttler M (2012) Variability of suspended-sediment distribution in the Connecticut River Estuary. 25th Keck Symposium Volume: 287-293.

Professional Reports

  1. Cuttler, MVW, Hansen, JE, Lowe, RJ, and Bowyer, CB (2017) Peron Naturaliste Partnership Regional Coastal Monitoring Program Year 1: Final Report. A report to the Peron Naturaliste Partnership. 64 pages.
  2. Cuttler, MVW, Lowe, RJ, Hansen JE (2017) Albany-Torbay Metocean Study. A report by the Wave Energy Research Centre in support of the Albany Wave Energy Research Project. 44 pages.