I am currently involved in a variety of research projects examining coastal processes along the Western Australian coastline.

Ningaloo sediment dynamics

This project investigates the timescales and mechanisms of sediment transport and shoreline morphodynamics in Australia’s largest fringing reef system, Ningaloo Reef.

Tropical cyclone impacts to reef environments

This project investigates the impacts of tropical cyclone forcing on typical hydro- and sediment dynamics in reef environments. We examine these processes through opportunistic field deployments and numerical modelling.

Coastal monitoring via remote sensing

We have partnered with the Peron Naturaliste Partnership (PNP) to collect oblique aerial imagery for ~250 km of the southwestern West Australian coastline. The photos are collected bi-annually and will be used to assess long-term morphological changes using structure-from-motion.

Renewable Wave Energy

We are currently investigating the feasibility of developing renewable wave energy along the south coast of Western Australia as part of the University of Western Australia’s Wave Energy Research Centre. Through both field data collection and numerical techniques, we are assessing the long-term metocean conditions in the Torbay region of Albany, WA, including extreme value analysis (e.g. 100 year wave event), to determine the viability of developing a wave energy resource in this area.